About Us

“We are not professionals, but we have raised independent kids and want to share the very information that was helpful in successfully launching them on their way.”

Let’s just start with  “We want you Rockin’ the Adulting Game so you can live an even fuller, happier, and more adventurous life.”

“When our youngest daughter was ready to head off to college… she said … ‘I need a life manual…. there is so much that I need to know.’ So here we are, just a couple years later guiding her up the adulting mountain.  We realized even though we worked through peaks and valleys, there’s still more she doesn’t even know she needs to reach the summit.” 

We are here to provide tools and tips to more successfully navigate life on your own, “Sherpa Life Hacks”, and keep you climbing and reaching higher peaks.

The Sherpas

Susan, Susan, & Bill