Leftovers: to Eat or NOT to Eat?

Sherpa Sense:

“Hi Mom, there is this pizza that has been in my fridge for 10 days. Can I still eat it?” “And what about those leftover mashed potatoes you sent me home with last week?”

Have you ever wondered if the leftover food in your fridge is still OK to eat? Consider this, especially if you want to avoid food poisoning.

Let’s Yak:

Mom tip #1: smell the leftover food you are wanting to eat. 

Any “off” odors and out it goes. Inspect it closely, looking for mold or food-fluid separation. All of these mean to deep six it into the trash. Typically, 3-4 days tops for leftovers.

  • Prepackaged foods: check the expiration date. Everything you buy pre-made will have an expiration date on it. Sometimes you have to look closely but it is there stamped onto the container.
  • The one exception to the mold rule is cheese.  After opening, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.  If there is a bit of mold on it later on, just cut it out.  You can also store your cheese in the freezer.
  • Be cautious, if food has been left out for more than a few hours (think picnic hot sun) toss it out. Milk, meat, mayo are all suspect.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables will keep best in the fridge and eaten within a week or two.  Bananas- left out on the counter may turn brown (still OK to eat even though it looks like baby food) but can be frozen for smoothies.
  • Hard boiled eggs- good for a week.
  • Bread can be stored in the freezer for several months and just take out a slice as needed.

Take A Hike:

Time goes by fast, especially when you have a lot going on in your life. So if you bring leftovers home or have leftovers from cooking, make a mental note to have them for dinner in the next day or two. Or better yet, take them to work for your lunch the next day. Do your part to create less waste. No Dollars down the drain!

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had a good meal and there are leftovers, I start dreaming about eating them the next day. And Italian food is ALWAYS better the next day.

Oh, and avoid any science experiments by cleaning out your fridge once a month. #nogreen #moldfree

Yakety Yak:

Look at these great healthy superfoods with a long shelf life to have handy!



Peak Lookout: 

Have what you need on hand to prepare a quick healthy meal: Hangry? Be Prepared.

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