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Sherpa Sense:

It’s February, which means relationship month. If you are married or have a significant other, the most important question to ask is:

“Am I giving 110% to this relationship?

And if you can’t answer “Yes,” then ask “Why not?”

Let’s Yak:

If you aren’t in a significant relationship, then great! This gives you time to spend on building up yourself and creating a You that You Love!! This is actually top priority anyway, because you can’t be the best for someone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. 

When it comes to healthy happy loving relationships there are a few key questions and actions that can make all the difference. 

Ask Yourself:

  • What can I do to make my relationship better today? Think about what changes you can make. Are you letting your significant know that he/she is the best?
  • Am I giving 110% to my relationship? Maybe it’s been months or years since you officially became a couple. Decide the actions that you will strive for to give 110% each day.
  • Am I listening attentively (or at all)? Today when you see your significant other, listen fully to what he/she has to say first.
  • Am I communicating openly and honestly? If you are bothered, talk about it. If you are happy, say so. 

On Point:

  • If you are wrong, say so. If you are right, be silent.
  • Discover something new each day.  As a couple this could be as simple as ‘what is your favorite color?’ or ‘what makes you smile?’.
  • Eat dinner together every day if possible. If you aren’t the main meal maker, pick a day this week to step it up -> plan, gather, cook, serve.
  • Plan a mini outing getaway adventure this month. This doesn’t have to be expensive or hard, but it demonstrates that you are going out of your way for him/her.

Take A Hike:

It’s Valentine’s Day, but you never have to wait, show your appreciation starting today!

Decide to fall in love again! Really, Just Decide. #withyourself #withyoursignificant

And try out as many of the tips as you can. #absolutelifechangers

Peak Lookout:

 And if you are on the looking side, start with “Questions to ask on your first date”.  For more healthy relationship insights see “Is my relationship healthy?

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