An Old Fashioned Remedy For Anxiety

Sherpa Sense:

There is a remedy for anxiety that has worked for generations. Our grandparents used it, our parents used it, and we use it. But for some reason it has skipped this generation and everything we read nowadays indicates that anxiety is at the highest levels ever.  So I have to wonder if this isn’t just the solution needed.

Let’s Yak:

So what is this remedy? And I hope you don’t stop reading until I fully explain it.  We all grew up with God and going to church every weekend. We learned to trust in Him when we had an issue and turned our worries over to Him when we had a problem to solve or a big decision to make. We trusted in God to guide us. Does it work immediately? Sometimes, but for the most part it might take a while. However, I can honestly say that when I look back over my life I can see God’s hand guiding me. Mom and Dad could too and so could Grandma and Grandpa. #surecure

Some of the bonuses of turning your worries over to God are:

  • You will sleep better.
  • You learn to trust.  
  • You listen to yourself more.  
  • You trust your own judgment.
  • Oh, and It reduces anxiety.

Take A Hike:

Try this out. Give it some time. Remember it will be on God’s time. Turn off the outside world, the music, the phone, and take a deep breath and just start a convo with God and tell him what is on your mind. What’s keeping you awake at night. What you should do about the new SO in your life. The mean guy/gal at work, yada, yada, yada….. And then listen. 

Amazingly, the answers will come. Give it a day or two or more time if needed.

Yakety Yak:

I have to wonder if this increase in anxiety isn’t due to the rapid technology that we so enjoy. The simple fact that we can have the info we seek in seconds. While it may seem unnatural, the next time you have an issue, turn to a higher power rather than your phone for answers and notice a better outcome.

Peak Lookout:

Check this one out too: Beating Anxiety

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