Reason for the Season?

Sherpa Sense:

So here it is Christmas which means that the year is just about over. And now you start to fully understand what your Mom was saying when she said, “My how time flies by.” 

Let’s Yak:

So what is your reason for the season? We choose to be thankful for all the things we take for granted. And there are so many.  We may not be happy with the current political world we live in but we live in freedom. We have food, warmth, and indoor plumbing.  (Now think about that for a moment. What if you had to run out to an outhouse- uphill- in the snow.) You can freely express yourselves with your words, your clothing, tattoos, and the way you choose to wear your hair. (Mom is the only one who might give you the hairy eyeball.) 

Now it might seem like we are being overly optimistic but really, think about what we have that other countries do not. Our ability to vote. It seems simple enough, you turn 18 and just like that you are eligible. And our many, many other freedoms. 

Take A Hike:

So as this year draws to a close, we want you to think about all the things you enjoy because of where you live.  Just pause for a few and try to see the positive things in your life and our country. The reason for the season. And remember to gently remind others when they get caught up in all the negative talk going around.

Peak Lookout:

More positive ventures…Forgiveness – Free Yourself in 3 Steps! and Mind Dieting & Listening To Your Inner Self.

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