10 Under $10. Christmas Gift Ideas from the Sherpas.

Sherpa Sense:

How in the world can it be time to Christmas shop again? Whew, did that year go by fast! We thought you might enjoy our suggestions for 10 unique gift ideas under 10 buckaroos. You all know how one of our favorite places to shop are all the local dollar stores out there. In some larger towns there are many to choose from. So if one doesn’t have your gift idea, try another. Oh, and the food that the dollar stores carry is just the finishing touch for your gift ideas.

Let’s Yak:

Creative Gift Ideas:

  1. For the tea or coffee lover in your life: Mugs filled with tea/coffee.
  2. Bowls and ingredients and seasonings to make a pot of homemade soup.
  3. Personal care baskets:  soaps, wash clothes, lotions, hair clips, candles.
  4. Christmas ornaments.
  5. Kitchen utensils for a wanna be chef.
  6. Every kitchen can use baking ingredients, hot pads, measuring spoons, cookie cutters. Or get a cookie mix and tie on a spatula. 
  7. Pet toys.
  8. The dollar store kid section is filled with ideas for the niece or nephew in your life. Coloring books, story books, puzzles, silly string, this list goes on and on.
  9. Socks make not only a great gift but can be used to stuff other little goodies down into. Presto-chango and you have not only a gift for someone but a wrapped gift. 
  10. Get dishes at the dollar store. It is easy to put together 4 plates and bowls all under $10.

Take A Hike:

Get out there and finish up your Christmas gift buying today. Take these gifts ideas, walk around your local dollar store and see what you can come up with. Rather than a basket, fill a cup with items. Or a bowl with items, or as mentioned above, a pair of socks with treats. Get creative!

Yakety Yak:

What about that person who has everything? Give them a homemade gift certificate for a service you will do for them… like a certificate for washing their car wrapped in a microfiber towel, gift of making them dinner inside a mug, washing their windows enclosed in a window washing cloth… you know, the stuff you don’t like to do yourself or make time for so this gift is priceless. Yes, shopping can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Use our helpful suggestions to tailor your gifts for the people on your shopping list.

Peak Lookout:

For more ideas, see last year’s post Christmas Gifts: 10 under $10.

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