Impressive Easy Appetizer Trays

Sherpa Sense:

Have you attended a party where the appetizer tray was the star attraction?  Everyone just stood around gazing in awe while their stomachs growled. As impressive as these trays look, they really are quite easy to throw together and can cost as little or as much as you can afford.

Let’s Yak:

So let’s get started.  You will need a base to start building your creation on.  A cutting board, a large platter, or even a TV tray can work. (Try the Dollar store for board/platter options.) When considering the size think how many people will be attending your gathering. Then start adding food a section at a time. Try pickles, olives, cheese, nuts, veggies, pretzels, fruit-fresh or dried, bread, crackers, deli meats, small dishes of jam, honey, mustard, hummus, or ranch dip. The idea is to crowd your appetizer board while still keeping your food separated.  

You might even have some of the items in your cupboards right now.  Think snack food. 

Try a themed appetizer tray, such as:

  • A Greek board: olives, pickled artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, bread, crackers, honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar 
  • A Fall harvest board: several varieties of apples, carmels, cheese, bread, salami, pomegranates
  • A Christmas themed board: cookies, chocolates, oranges, colored mints
  • Can you say Charcuterie? See below 🙂

Are you getting the picture? #yummyfuneasy

Take a Hike:

Thought about having a hang out with friends but not sure what everyone will eat?  Try this easy and unforgettable idea to create a charcuterie board for your next party.  Charcuterie is French for cured meats but recently has taken on a life of its own with all the appetizer additions in the food entertainment world. 

Peak Lookout:

Combine this with a Blind Wine Tasting Party and really make an evening out of it.

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