Gratitude Attitude

Sherpa Sense:

Here it is, that time of year where we gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday again, so take a moment and think about all the things you are thankful for. Better yet, 5 things you are grateful for!  #gratitudeattitude

Let’s Yak:

Yes, the days are shorter and it’s dark when we get up and dark when we get home from work.  The weather here in the north is cold, rainy and snowy, and because of that it’s hard to get outside most of the time. Just try pushing a shopping cart across a rutted-snow covered parking lot. But hey, if you are shopping that means you have money to spend.  #grateful

It is easy to find things in our daily life to groan about…your job, work, money, people, lack of sunshine, etc. We want to redirect you to find something to be grateful for. Life is just life and crap always happens. I guarantee you. Changing your focal point makes a huge difference in how you view your situation and your life.  

  1. Getting up at the butt crack of dawn for work …be grateful you have a job. Even if you hate it, at least you have a pay check coming in.
  2. Long walk to the bus stop grateful you have legs that work.
  3. Cleaning your apt or home …be grateful you have a place to live.
  4. A sink full of dirty dishes …be grateful you have food to eat.
  5. Dirty clothes …be grateful you have something to wear.

Oh, and did we mention the benefits of gratitude? Improves self esteem, physical and mental health, sleep, relationships, reduces stress, lowers anxiety, rewires your brain, the list goes on and on.

Try going a day without complaining about something. Ok, for some of you, try going an hour without complaining. It will give you a new outlook on your life.

On this Thanksgiving day we will be grateful for our elastic waistbands. 

Take A Hike:

So as you go about your day and you are ready to complain about the same old-same old, instead look at the flip side and find that grain of gratitude to focus on. Write it down, say it out loud and let it roll around in your head. Tell yourself, “Hey, I’ve got a job.  Albeit a crappy one where I’m barely making above minimum pay.. but a job.” And be grateful, because you could be living down at the homeless shelter.

Truly, gratitude is the best attitude.

Peak Outlook:

See our earlier gratitude post too. Gratitude, It’s A Choice!

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