Who’s got TIME for that?

Sherpa Sense:

Managing your time can make your life better and improve your work performance.

Have you ever checked a text message and the next thing you know you are reading about the Denver Airport being the Illuminati’s headquarters? It’s kind of like going down a rabbit hole. Don’t get sucked in! 

Let’s Yak:

Everyone who has a smart device is somewhat guilty of frittering away time. Whether it’s Facebook, Reddit, or playing Words with Friends (Grandma can wait), our time is quickly swooped up with this digital distraction phenomenon.  #burningdaylight

Success Makers:

  1. Are you an early bird, a night owl, or some kind of afternoon albatross? This is you personal productive work time (PPWT). Work on tough tasks when you are at your best.
  2. Take time to plan out your day (either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day). Make a list and check off things as you get them done. It’s immensely satisfying to cross things off your ‘to do’ list.
  3. Do it, drop it or delegate it. Separate out what needs to be done now and what you can put off for a few days. Then break these tasks down even further by what can be done quickly and what will take more time. #writeitdown
  4. Create an environment where you can accomplish without being distracted.  Once the process is in motion it helps not to disrupt your thoughts. Stay focused.
  5. Reward yourself for finishing on time and staying on track. (now it’s time to whoop Grandma at Words with Friends;)) Your brain needs some celebration!

Knowing when you do your best work can be the motivator you need to accomplish your ‘to do’ list. I personally do my best work first thing in the morning with a steaming cappuccino sitting beside me. Whether it’s work or personal business this is my most productive time of the day.  It’s all downhill from there for me.  

Take a Hike:

Today find your personal productive work time (PPWT). Your phone dinging is a distraction, so turn it on silent and put it in a drawer. It is amazing what you can get done without any interruptions. As a new thing comes on your plate, decide to Do it, drop it or delegate it.

Now, git ‘er done!

Yakety Yak:

Recent studies say that the average person looks at their person looks at their phone roughly 80 times a day. Time to stop looking and do something that matters.

Peak Lookout:

This distractor can really mess with your relationships, see Cell Phone Etiquette: Talk to your friend not your phone.

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