Fall Thrift Shopping

Sherpa Sense:

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to go through your clothing and see what still fits, what is worn out, what just needs to go, and what we need for the fall/winter months ahead. There are many great finds at area thrift shops.  If you haven’t checked them out it can be a fun way of spending an afternoon and you just might pick up a few needed items. Plus you will save a staggering amount of money.

Let’s Yak:

The next time you need something check out a thrift shop.  Good Will and St Vinny’s, just to name a couple. Get there early and start looking for what you need to fill in your wardrobe.  They have stacks of jeans, jackets, shirts, and dress clothes. It’s a great way to get job interview clothes. Pick out items and try them on for fit.  You will find name brands and off brands. Every color and style you can imagine. Dress clothes are usually only worn once and then donated so if you have a dressy event in your future, think of checking out the clothes at a thrift shop.


  • Even thrift stores have sales days.  Find out what they are before you shop.
  • Go by often as new items come in every day.
  • Shop early in the day.
  • Thoroughly inspect the item you want to buy.  A broken zipper might be harder to repair than a missing button.
  • Ask if items can be returned.
  • Think beyond clothes.  Think of all the non-clothing items also available.  Rugs, linens, furniture, pet items, books, etc.
  • Check the labels on clothes to find out how they need to be cleaned.
  • Look for designer items and sport teams memorabilia at a fraction of the cost of retail.
  • And clean everything once you bring it home. Check backpacks, bedding, beds, sofas carefully, so you aren’t bringing any bedbugs home with you.

Take a Hike:

Thrift shopping is a great way to add extra items to your wardrobe/home. It can be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Thrift with a friend so they can give you their opinion on how an item looks on you. You just never know what you might find and have to have. 

If you have a creative streak, look for items you can remake or transform.  A little sewing for a clothing item or a little paint for a piece of furniture. 

Yakety Yak:

Thrift store shopping has a better impact on the environment.  It is part of the go greener movement and reduces your footprint.

Thrift shop when you are on vacation. You can buy the items at thrift stores that are sold in the souvenir shops at a fraction of the cost. 

Peak Lookout:

Thrifting helps you in your wallet too. Enjoy these other money making tips: Want An Easy Way to Make Some Extra Money?

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