Visiting OLD Friends!

Sherpa Sense:

Spend time with the ‘older’ people who care about you, because it matters.

There are people in your life who truly care about you. Maybe it’s grandma and grandpa, maybe it’s an old neighbor, maybe it’s the lady down the street who babysat you after school or a teacher who made a big difference in your life. Nice people. These are people who genuinely care about YOU and want to see good things happen in your life. 

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors and a great way to give back. 

Love the people God brought into your life, because one day he will want them back.The trouble is we always think we have more time. 

Let’s Yak:

Yeah, they are old.  So what. The best part about old people is they say and do exactly what they are thinking.  There is no pretenses, no beating around the bush. Completely black and white. They may be a little grumpier than you remembered but still that person who cares about you.  On your next visit, bring them some funny stories. Can you make them laugh? Tell them about your life before they tell you about their medical issues.

Each one of us is growing older.  It’s only a matter of time. When everything is said and done, it’s not the stuff we have accumulated but the sweet memories of good times spent together, the laughter, and the hugs that matter. You will always remember the way someone makes you feel.  And that will cost you nothing but time. Even though you are trying to make their day, you might be surprised how much it makes your day. 

Take a Hike:

Take the time to stop in and visit these older folks. Don’t delay, do it today!  You have the ability to make a world of difference to them just like they did for you years ago. 

Yakety Yak:

They won’t be around forever and you will MAKE their day, their week, maybe their month!  They will be thinking and talking about you long after you have left. Many times their world has shrunk to the four walls of where they live.  This person could be the sage in your life if you let them.

Peak Lookout:

Check out Making a Difference…because it Matters!

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