Sleep Better Tonight

Sherpa Sense:

Do you have designer bags under your eyes? In other words, are you having trouble falling and staying asleep at night? Sleep is essential to health and there is nothing quite like that dragged out feeling when you have tossed and turned all night. Change up your nighttime routine and get sleeping better tonight.

Let’s Yak:

Some of these ideas seem like common sense.  But recently when one of our kids brought up the issue of not being able to sleep, I mentioned these tips and he was quite surprised with the results of trying the following:

  • Keep your bedroom cool.
  • Put some lavender oil in a diffuser, on your pillow or just put some under your nose.
  • Skip caffeinated drinks in the evening.
  • Stop using your phone, tablet or PC an hour before bed. It will be OK.
  • Use a white noise generator or a fan for background noise
  • Avoid going to bed with a full stomach.
  • Keep your room dark.
  • Leave your phone in a different room or at least silence it.
  • Reading can be relaxing and is a great way to end the day (as long as to book doesn’t get your mind all rev’d up :).
  • Take a warm shower before bed.
  • Say three things that you are grateful for from the day. 
  • Try calming yoga or meditating for 10-15 mins.
  • If all else fails, consider a low dose Melatonin, but limit its use. 

Take a Hike:

Tonight try these as you head to bed. Diffuse some lavender oil and breathe deeply. Turn down the temperature or crack open the window. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, try some white background noise or turn a fan on low. Then layer on a couple blankets and snuggle in for a good night’s snoozefest.

Yakety Yak:

Weighted blankets are thought to be helpful if you are an anxious person.  Remember being tucked in when you were a kid. The weight of the blanket helps to hug your body giving you a sense of security. 

Peak Lookout:

See more slumber solutions in Create a Balanced Habitude.

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