Forgiveness – Free Yourself in 3 Steps!

Sherpa Sense:

Forgiveness is the most important act we can take to heal a relationship and ourselves.  This sounds easy but, in reality, it is harder than one would think. If forgiveness was easy everyone would be doing it. WAIT WAIT!! Keep reading, don’t click back. Take responsibility, choose to forgive, let it go, and be free.

Let’s Yak:

Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting or condoning the action.  It means letting it go and letting go of the impact it has on you. Everyone makes mistakes. If you expect to be forgiven then you must forgive others.

Holding a grudge is letting the other person take up space in your brain. Kick their sorry a$$ out and make room for positive uplifting thoughts to move in.

That resentment assigns more importance to the past than to the present. Isn’t living about “now”?

When you take responsibility for how you respond to another person’s’ actions, it gives you back your power instead of sending it to the other person.

Let’s take a lesson from the honey badger.  He doesn’t give a sh*! about if mom loved his sister more or if he was passed over for a promotion at work.  He doesn’t care if his girlfriend left him for a skunk or if he was embarrassed by his roommate. He’s just a honey badger being a honey badger, living his big honey badger life. ; )

What anger, resentment, irritation, hurt, or pain is eating away at you? Is it an experience or person that hurt or wronged you in some way?

Today let’s choose to let go of anything that is holding us back from a life that feels big and happy and empowering.

Important: It doesn’t matter how you choose to forgive or even if the other person knows or accepts the gesture, this is all about helping you.


Take a Hike:

Picture yourself in an upsetting moment in your life. Rather than reacting with old patterns of resentment, anger, and hurt, visualize offering forgiveness and move on.

Whenever you feel strong emotions stirring in you, pause and:

    1. Ask yourself “What is it I am actually feeling?” Recognize the emotions, what has happened to you, and how you are perceiving it. Frustration, irritation, anger, hostility, hurt, heavy feeling, etc.
    2. Set the intention to forgive. Say “I choose to forgive (name of person).”
    3. Reclaim your power. Say:
      • “I forgive myself for feeling (hostility / anger / or whatever the emotion is).”
      • “I forgive (name) for causing me to feel this feeling.”

Take a breathe and visualize the upsetting moment again and notice your reaction this time. You may have to practice this a bit, but it’s worth it to allow this healing.

Yakety Yak:

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you go back into the same situation especially if you are unsafe. Advocate for yourself. Do what’s best for you.

Be kind rather than right, don’t let grudges destroy you.

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