Exercise. Move. Improve Your Well-Being.

Sherpa Sense:

Ok all you couch potatoes, gamers, and TV addicts, this post is for you. It has been proven that exercise is good not only for the body but the brain too. It can relieve stress, improve sleep, help with depression, and boost your self esteem. And who couldn’t benefit from those?

Let’s Yak:

Our bodies were made to move. All you have to do is put good fuel in them and go.

If you sit at a desk all day it makes sense that you consider adding more movement into your life.  Something as simple as walking can make a huge difference in how you feel. Yes, you have to push yourself out the door but once you get going it really isn’t so bad.  We encourage you to go with someone, but if you can’t, think about listening to a good book while you walk. (If you have a library card you can download the free Overdrive app and listen to library books.) Five miles will come and go in no time, but just start with a mile if you need. Most of our phones keep track of our steps throughout the day so there is no need for any fancy gadgets.

Many times after eating a big meal the best thing to do is walk.  It helps move the contents of your stomach and prevents that stuffed feeling that make you just want to lay down and sleep.

There are any number of things you can do besides walking but the message we are trying to convey is just to move in some format. Dance yourself down the hallway, just jiggle for a few minutes – it really gets the fluids moving (and is quite entertaining too), do some leg lifts on the couch, squats while you brush your teeth? 

Take a Hike:

We challenge you to Just Move. Starting today, add 15 extra minutes of movement to your day.

We don’t care how or what you do but make it a point to add movement to your life.  Take the stairs, park a mile away from work. Get a dog to walk. Join a team.  I can’t tell you exactly why but over time you will appreciate the benefits of movement. And it makes sitting down to play your game a little something to look forward to.

Yakety Yak:

Did you know walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise? Walking briskly for an average person can burn around a 100 calories per mile.

If you need more incentive, there is plenty of science showing the benefits, just take a look…. but walk across the room 3 times before you look.

Peak Lookout:

See Create a Balanced Habitude and Easy Healthy Recipes to help out your healthy living routines.

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