Mind Dieting & Listening To Your Inner Self

Sherpa Sense:

Lose those unwanted thoughts and feelings by mind dieting. You choose what you want to see, hear, be around and taste. Have you ever looked at yourself and saw something you wanted to change? Ask yourself the following questions and listen to your inner self closely for the answers.

Let’s Yak:

What are you looking at or watching? Some powerful images can stick in your mind forever.

Who are you hanging out with? Do they make you feel better about yourself or worse? If you are hanging around negative people you will attract negativity. Think about this… “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

What are you listening to? Is it positive, uplifting or repetitively depressing?

What are you fueling your body with? Is it good for you and do you like how you feel after eating/drinking? You only have one YOU, so better take care of you.  

You are the master of your life!  Don’t cave in to peer pressure. If you are making the right decisions it will lift you up, not make you feel worse the next morning.

Take a Hike:

‘Turn off the chatter’ and by this we mean get quiet. It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? But this is where you really discover yourself. Don’t let an uninvited renter take up space in your head. It’s a waste of your time. Eliminate the people or things that aren’t good for you by getting quiet and listening to your inner self.  

We are so tuned in to the world that it’s hard to listen to ourselves, to really put a finger on what doesn’t feel right.  This is where you will hear “I’m really not liking this person I’m dating” or “I am uncomfortable watching those movies” or “I don’t feel good after I eat…” or “I hate how negatively they were talking.”

Yakety Yak:

It’s ok to say no. Like any diet, you choose what you want to consume.

Making a change can be glacially slow for some and deliberately quick for others. You will know as you listen to your inner self. #growth

Peak Outlook:

Want to feel even better? See our Sherpa post 5 Surefire Tips to Feel Better About Yourself!

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