How to Get the Raise You Deserve!

Sherpa Sense:

With proper preparation you can increase your pay or salary!   

Let’s Yak:

Yes, it’s okay to ask for a raise. But before you ask, take these steps to increase your chances of getting that raise. Remember, it is up to you to prove you deserve a raise!

When to ask

Timing of your request is critical. Company budgets are set far in advance, so you may need to be patient. Good things come to those that wait… but don’t wait too long! #waitforit

Most companies perform annual employee evaluations and many provide wage increases (with a positive evaluation) as part of the process. If your company does not offer a raise, ask for one. But be prepared. Don’t be asking for a raise if your work performance has not been good, or if you had some recent “mistakes”. Be honest and do a critical self assessment.

Before you ask

  • Before you ask your boss for a raise do some homework  Are you paid fairly? What do others in the company or in the industry make in similar roles? See our post “Seal Your Salary in Six Steps” for ways to benchmark your pay.
  • Have you just successfully completed a big project? Or has your boss and others been providing meaningful compliments on your work?
  • Have you taken on additional responsibilities? Are you performing well with those new responsibilities?
  • Have you built some unique expertise in the company and become the “go to person” for that area?

Summarize your accomplishments

  • Document your results since being hired or since your last increase. Summarize them in a form that demonstrates how you are helping meet company or department objectives.
  • Create a folder and save meaningful praise from others. It is easy to forget these over 12 months. These support your request as independent feedback on your work.

Meet with your boss

  • Request a meeting with your boss to discuss your salary. During the meeting present your accomplishments and ask for a raise with confidence, but show gratitude and appreciation for what the company has done for you. Express your enthusiasm for continuing to help the company grow or improve in the future.
  • Asking for a raise is a big deal and requires confidentiality and professionalism. Never give ultimatums or threats. Politely state your case and let your boss respond. Don’t get emotional and be prepared to negotiate.
  • If your boss does not approve your raise, ask him/her what it will take to get a raise. Use the discussion to understand what you need to do. Then work to make it happen.  
  • Don’t be surprised if your boss doesn’t okay a raise during the meeting. They may need management approval before offering you a raise.

Sherpa advice: It’s hard to step out of your comfort zone, but asking demonstrates your desire to advance your career. The more you can demonstrate you are helping the company meet its business goals the more likely you are to receive a  raise. Try practicing with a friend or recording yourself. It will help you say what you want to say.

Take a Hike:

Work hard, start summarizing your accomplishments, and create a folder for accolades from your coworkers today. When the timing is right, set up a meeting with your boss and ask for that raise. #bringhomemorebacon

Yakety Yak:

If your evaluations have been good and you have repeatedly asked for a raise and not received one, it might be time to find another job. #lookingforwork

Peak Lookout:

See our other Sherpa topics on “Career”.

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