How to Budget Money; a Simple Guide to Spend How YOU Want!

Sherpa Sense:

Budgeting is a must … to afford the things you want in life… and the things you need.

Don’t let unnecessary spending habits keep you from reaching your goals. Start budgeting today to make room for the things that matter to you.

Let’s Yak:

Good financial health is an everyday part of life, and being proactive can really make this part of life more smooth and successful.  Remove the desire to spend your hard earned cash to buy things you really don’t need or want.  Have you ever noticed how you feel when you aren’t stressed about money? #happyface

Apply this simple, fast approach to see how much money you need to live and save for the things you really want.  If you have never budgeted before, it might take a couple of months to really dial in a budget that works for you.

While the template is set up for monthly spending,  don’t forget to include those expenses that are semi-annual or annual (e.g. taxes, licensing, etc). Building a 12 month budget makes it easier to capture those irregular expenses into your plans.

Math quiz: Subtract your “Total Spending” from your “Income.” Is the result greater than zero?  If so – Yahoo, you’re off to a great start! If not, sharpen your pencil and make another pass through your budget. You can do it!

(or download this simple MS Excel spreadsheet to get a jump start on creating your own budget)

Budget-Essentials1.xlsx : click and download to start budgeting today!

Take a Hike:

Set your budget for the year. Do it today to achieve the financial goals that are important to you.

Update and/or revise your budget at least monthly to see how you are doing.

While initially it may be hard to change some habits, you will be happier at the end of the month, quarter, year if you have met your spending goals.

Peak Outlook:

If you need some extra cash to cover some of these areas, check out “Want An Easy Way to Make Some Extra Money?”.

Think about starting your emergency fund today so that surprise expenses don’t throw your budget out the window.

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