Giving to a Cause. Make a Difference.

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The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are a great time to give back.

Give of yourself, make the world a little bit better, and improve your inner happiness!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandhi

Let’s Yak

There are many ways that you can give back and the holiday season is a great time to take action. Help your local community and yourself.  Giving doesn’t have to be donating money. While there are many causes that need cash, there are many ways to give. “Share your time, treasure, and/or talents.”  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate food or household items, offer to help a neighbor, organize a coat collection at work, ring a bell, etc.

Give to a cause that is important to you.  There is great satisfaction that comes with knowing you are contributing to a cause you care about.

Where to look

Local churches are a great place to start as they offer many programs to help those in need – and let’s face it, we all want to be part of something bigger. Other organizations, places, or causes to consider:

  • Food, clothing or furniture banks
  • Animal shelters or local and national parks
  • Charities (Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Guide Dog Foundation, etc)
  • Relief services (Red Cross, CRS, as well as locale or event specific services)
  • Care facilities (senior centers, retirement homes, hospitals)
  • Shelters and housing (housing for homeless, emergency or transitional shelters for vulnerable families and children, Habitat for Humanity)
  • Schools, museums, libraries, YWCA, YMCA, scouts….

Take a Hike:

Challenge yourself to give more this season. In fact, challenge a friend to give more, and do it together. Studies have shown that the more people volunteer, the happier they are. #giveofyourself

Yakety Yak:

Absolutely no time to volunteer?

Make a donation to a worthy cause of your choice – can you donate one hour of your salary? Buy some groceries, toiletries, books, or clothing to donate. Drop your spare change in the red kettle. #philanthropist

No time or money?

Donate blood. Better yet get your co-workers to join you once a month.

Donate things you no longer need, but others could use – clothing, cookware, blankets, household items, toys, etc. Simple acts of kindness are often the most valuable and the easiest to perform to those in need. #makeadifference

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