Cell Phone Etiquette: Talk to your friend not your phone

Sherpa Sense:

Your cell phone may have replaced your camera, your appointment book, and your alarm clock… but don’t let it replace your personal friendships.

Let’s Yak:

Ever want to throat punch someone you are trying to talk to while they are trying to text someone else?  #Psychotic #fbomb

You might be addicted to your phone if….

  • you look at your phone when having a conversation with ….. others!
  • your phone is more exciting to spend a Friday night with than a ….. friend!
  • you interrupt a face to face conversation to answer a call…  or a text!
  • you find yourself staring at your hands even when you’re not holding your phone!
  • you panic and sweat profusely when you can’t find your phone!
  • you whisper “be strong” to your cell phone battery!
  • you’re having a texting conversation with the person sitting next to you!

Everyone seems to have a similar addiction to using their phones.  It’s easy to see why, since we use them to get so much done.  #wearedoomed. So how do we reconnect with people?

Take a Hike:

The next time you are joining friends for dinner, leave your phones in the car.

Hard as it maybe, at least try putting your phone in a pocket and resist the urge to take it out.  Even if it does vibrates. Engage with others in a face to face convo. It may feel awkward at first, but it will get easier with practice. Yes, we are all a little rusty in this aspect of our lives, but it is hugely rewarding to actually interact with another human being and build closer personal relationships. Hug a person not your phone.

Yakety Yak:

I was sitting in a bar with my daughter one evening and I couldn’t help but notice the handsome guy trying his best to get her attention.  She was engrossed in her phone while I perused the bar, and she was totally unaware of him. It was comical watching the scenario. He tried coughing and tapping his drink against the counter.  Finally, I nudged her and she looked up. Think of all the missed opportunities you could encounter while you are looking down. Magic does happen when people connect. #putthephonedown #lookup

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