Extra Christmas Cash for 2018

Sherpa Sense:

Need extra cash for the holidays? Try these 10 tips for avoiding a CC crisis in January.

Let’s Yak:

Do you feel an adrenaline rush as the snow flies, the holiday tunes play, parties ensue, and the gift giving starts? Avoid the post Christmas anxiety that comes with spending too much by getting ahead of the game with these quick and easy tips for making some extra money for Christmas. You might have to step out of your comfort zone, but it will feel better than the convulsions associated with seeing your January CC statement.  

10 tips for making extra Christmas cash:

  1. Amazon Trade-In Program will give you an amazon gift card for your used stuff.
  2. Try working a seasonal job – many business higher extra help for the holidays. Department stores, restaurants, delivery services, grocery stores, etc all need extra help.
  3. Have an extra room? Rent it out. Have a friend you can stay with? Rent out your apartment and split the profit with them.
  4. Have a car and good driving skills?  Try Uber or Lyft or deliver food or groceries. Extra drivers are needed during the holidays.
  5. House sit, baby sit, or pet sit.
  6. Shovel snow, you can easily make $50 to $100/day.
  7. Walk dogs, cats, or pets and/or offer to scoop poop or clean up yards.
  8. Tutor for students in need. Check with local middle schools, high schools, community colleges, or universities.
  9. Keep a money jar and drop in extra change and dollars throughout the year. Use it for your holiday gift giving.
  10.  Sell stuff you no longer need. See our post “Want An Easy Way to Make Some Extra Money”.

Take a Hike:

Pick one or more of the ideas listed and generate some additional income for this holiday season. Don’t be afraid to ask a business or neighbor if they need help. Especially if it is something you would enjoy. #coldhardcash

See “Budgeting for Christmas 2018” so you don’t overspend this holiday! Make this truly a Christmas to remember! #avoidholidayblues

Yakety Yak:

Be generous to others, but not to your CC.

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