Budgeting for Christmas 2018

Sherpa Sense:

Let’s reign in the out-of-control holiday spending budget. Give thoughtful gifts without paying for them months after the holidays.

Let’s Yak:

Set a money limit on what you will spend and don’t give an inch. Gift giving can easily get out of hand. Don’t be gobsmacked in January when you see your credit card statement!

  • Start dropping some subtle hints to let your CC know the relationship is cooling off or just hide it away.  Or if you use it, closely track how much you spend using apps like Mint or Credit Card Manager.
  • Buy one gift vs many. Draw names with your family, fellow employees, or group of friends.
  • Instead of buying new holiday clothes, see if you can borrow something. Maybe swap outfits with a friend.
  • Hosting a party?  Make it a potluck and have everyone bring a dish/drink to share.( It is fun to try new foods.)
  • Make some holiday cookies or candies as a gift. Nothing shows you care as much as something homemade.
  • Give vouchers of yourself good for…. tackling a project your SO wants done, date night a month, making dinner once a week…. the options are endless -> more quality time, less dollars, closer relationships.
  • Visit a thrift shop.  There are great bargains to be found and paired with some accenting items, make very unique and inexpensive gifts.
  • Put together a personalized picture collage or calendar to capture experiences with family or friends.

Take a Hike:

Set your budget and then make your Christmas gift list.…. and stick to it.

Yakety Yak:

We think we need to spend, spend, spend, but what really counts is taking time to recognize others and show them that they are important.

Be generous and kind to others during the Christmas season. There are many who are lonely or going through tough times. Share a smile, buy a stranger a coffee or a homeless person a meal, donate to a humanitarian cause, etc. Get more by giving!  

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