Find Your Passions in 10 minutes

Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

Sherpa Sense:

There is nothing better than doing what you love and loving what you do, so let’s figure out your passions by answering these 3 spot-on questions.

Let’s Yak:

Tired of being asked … What do you want to do when you grow up? When you graduate?

Turns out… you’ve likely known it all along!

Why asking these questions works? In our experience, the things you are excited and passionate about doing in life have been ingrained in your life experiences even at an early age. Your passions are rooted in the hobbies you love, the interests you have, and the skills you have learned. We are driven by what is the most rewarding and satisfying – what fills us up! So thinking about this and especially writing it down actually helps create more of a life that is appealing to who you are.

Bottom line -> Do what you love and love what you do as much as possible!

You’ll notice your days are happier and more enriched, your relationships are more connected and for sure more fun. Discovering your unique amazing self will make a difference in your life and even in the world. #BeYourself

Ok, let’s do this! Grab a piece of paper and give yourself 10 ish uninterrupted minutes.

Say each question out loud and write down the first things that comes to your mind (no analyzing or critiquing):

What activities do I love to do (even as a kid)?

What are the ‘no-brainer’ things I am good at?

What skills have I learned or have an interest in learning?

Now when you can, have a trusted friend or a family member answer the above questions honestly about you.

Create your unique passions profile with your original list or the merged list from your helper.

Take a Hike:

Take your list and store them away on your phone or pin them up somewhere and read them over the next few weeks.

Notice how you feel when you read them; the excitement, the smile on your face.

Then read this list every time you are looking for a job, career, training, education,… some major endeavor that you want to invest your time in -> whenever possible make sure it fits your passions. Can you say unabashed enthusiasm?

Peak Outlook:

Coming soon: Making your passions work for you.

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