Easily Remove The 8 Most Common Laundry Stains

Coffee on my white shirt “Oh sh!#”, what to do?

Sherpa Sense:

Stains 101, because life happens and sometimes it ends up on your shirt!
Use these tips to treat tough stains right away and save your clothes… and the day!#winedown

Let’s Yak

Keep in mind that treating any stain as soon as possible will increase the effectiveness of the stain removal process and will save you time in the laundry room later.

Keep these items handy for taking care of stains: distilled white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol.

Take a Hike

Got a stain this week? Follow the applicable Sherpa tip above before throwing it into the laundry basket,​ ​and then do your laundry. Better yet, bookmark/save this image so you’re ready when the next life mess happens. 

Yakety Yak

Simply rubbing a clean, soaking wet cloth over a fresh stain will often times eliminate the issue immediately! I’ve removed a fresh coffee stain from my white cotton pants using this method. I had a wet spot, but not a coffee spot! #consideringnudism #sudstheduds

Get a stain removal stick for ‘on the go’ food stains. For example, try a Tide To Go Stick (they work wonders)! I’ve even been able to get red wine out of white pants using one.

Peak Lookout

Laundry will be a no-brainer with these tips and Laundry 101     #dropyourdrawers

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