Want An Easy Way to Make Some Extra Money?

Sherpa Sense:

Got extra stuff? Need extra cash? #cashinonclosetclutter today.

Let’s Yak:

Too many handbags, too much sports equipment, that piece of jewelry Great Aunt Edna left you in her will? Are you ready to let it go? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Extra cash to use now, the way you want, is easier than you think. There are many apps and sites to sell your unwanted stuff including Facebook marketplace, Mercari, Letgo, Ebay, just to name a few. Also think about a consignment or a pawn shop, but know they usually take a percentage.

Valuing your property.

Check out what similar items are selling for and price yours similarly. Be truthful in describing the condition or list as is. Of course some good pictures are key. Remember you will be rated as a seller and the internet is forever. Antiques or jewelry should be appraised before selling. Most jewelers will give you a free appraisal and tell you if that gemstone is real.

Take a Hike:

Open your closet and round up 1-3 no longer used items to sell. Take some great appealing pictures of each item and create a description. Pick one of the above selling sites or one that you are already familiar with and post each item on their site today. Let the buyer come to you, complete the selling transaction and collect your cash.


Unused gift cards laying around? Think about selling them online for cash. Airline miles about to expire? They also can be sold for cash online.

Yakety Yak:

Think about what you might use that extra cash for! Do you really need another….? Might be a good idea to pay off the credit card. Nothing feels as good as being debt free. #saveforarainyday

Isn’t it nice to open the closet door and not have everything fall out. Less stuff……more space for you. #happypurging

Peak Lookout:

Making saving and budgeting work for you coming soon.



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  • William

    This was a helpful tip for making some extra money. I didn’t realize that you could cash in airline miles.
    Keep the hacks coming!

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