Auto Hydration – 6 Must Have Fluids For Your Car

Sherpa Sense:

Don’t get stranded on the roadside or smacked with an expensive car repair because of fluids. #notowtrucks

Let’s Yak:

Easily maintain these 6 fluids. Cars require more than just putting gas in the tank to stay hydrated!

Maintaining fluids under the hood

Oil – this is the single most important fluid under the hood as it lubricates your engine. It could easily cost you $3k – $10k to repair or replace an engine.  If you only check 1 fluid – this is the one to check!

Antifreeze – this cools your engine. If you run low on coolant your engine can overheat and leave you stranded.  Best to check this when your engine is cool. If it is hot, open it slowly. It should be filled to the top of the radiator and make sure the overflow tank is filled to the proper level. #showsomebuttcrack

Washer fluid – this is the stuff that squirts out onto your windshield when it is dirty. Don’t add water, use washer fluid as it cleans better and won’t freeze when it gets cold.

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) – your transmission needs ATF to operate. Without it your car will not move or will shudder. It should rarely be low, if so have a mechanic check it out.

Power steering fluid – this helps you turn the steering wheel. It should rarely be low, if so have a mechanic check it out. Some newer cars don’t use power steering fluid.

Brake fluid – this enables your brakes to work. It should rarely be low, if so have a mechanic check it out. Some newer cars don’t use brake fluid.

Take a Hike!

Group hike! Get some of your friends together and check the fluids in your car this weekend. Top off fluids as required. Check your car manual for specific change intervals and the proper type of fluid for your car. Using the wrong fluid can result in catastrophic failure! Only check the fluids when the car is parked on level ground. Now that your car is hydrated, pour yourself a cold one!

Yakety Yak:

You don’t need to buy a longer oil dipstick, you just need to add oil to your engine!

Rob noticed some fluid on the ground where he parked his car. He kept telling himself that he would look into it tomorrow. His car ran low on oil and he had to have the engine rebuilt at a cost of $3500. #ouch. A quart of oil only costs $4!

Peak Outlook:

Get ready for the car maintenance items that will save you money. (future topic)

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