Laundry 101 – No clean underwear… What do you do?


Sherpa Sense:

Easily make your laundry look and smell good. Why… Because!

Let’s Yak:

Life happens and it happens fast some days. When you get that offer to meet up, it’s nice to have something clean to put on.

  • Separate dirty laundry into dark and white/light colored items. Wash each separately in warm water, using the correct amount of detergent (more detergent does not clean better). Washing dark and light colors together results in a monochromatic look … that could become trendy. If you must wash all laundry together in one load, use cold water and hope for the best. #laundryshouldbetheonlythingseparatedbycolor
  • If washing new dark blue jeans or new brightly colored shirts, read the label. They typically require washing separately as the color will bleed onto other clothes.
  • Ripe stinky clothes? Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the washing machine (in the softener dispenser). If the clothes are really smelly pre-soak them with vinegar in the sink for about 30 mins. It is OK to wash other clothes with the vinegar and smelly clothes.
  • Don’t overstuff the washer or dryer. The clothes need to move around for best results.
  • Remove and fold as soon as the dryer stops. #wrinklesareforgrandmas.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to clean the dryer lint trap before starting the dryer. #lessquarters #satisfying

Take a Hike!

Use your new distilled white vinegar and make your workout cloths smell fresh.

Others might notice too! And… don’t forget to empty your pockets before you throw those dirty clothes in the pile, key fobs are spendy to replace!

Yakety Yak:

Other uses for distilled white vinegar:  fabric softener and detergent, 1 cup per load. It cleans and disinfects and prevents dark colors from fading.

Peak Lookout:

Be sure to learn how to remove common stains.


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